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Select a date from the calendar.
Please place your NIA order(s) in the NEW eSirius3G system.
NIA orders must be placed by Tensie before 9:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesdays.
The NIA is using a new system. I need the following information to enter your order with them correctly.
Your Grant number needs to be formatted like this:  9-A99-AA-999999-99?A9A9.
Full Grant Title; Grant start date; Grant expiration date;  Principle Investigator(s) first & last names & email address(es).
Also tell me which strains are allowed by your grant: 
F344XBN F1 (F344BN)
C57BL/6 (CR)
FISCHER 344 (F344)
C57BL/6 (AL)
The grant MUST include the strain you are ordering.
Eligibility criteria effective 1/18/2014
There is a limit to the number of animals that can be requested to arrive each month(the eligibility limit is based on the delivery date):
  1. NIA grantees are limited to a total of 20 animals delivered per month per NIA grant.
  2. All non-NIA grantees that directly point to Age Related animals are limited to a total of 10 animals delivered every other month per grant.
  3. The caloric restricted colony is restricted to NIA grantees with specific aims requiring CR mice. Food is only provided for CR (and AL control) animals purchased from the NIA caloric restricted colony or for NIA-funded grants that include specific aims requiring caloric restriction of rodents. The NIA does not provide food for animals purchased from the aging colonies outside of the above stated criteria.
  4. You can only order 30 days in advance of the requested delivery date.
  5. All orders are counted by the delivery date, not the order date.
  6. The NIA cannot approve requests for exceptions for C57BL/6 or CB6F1 for the foreseeable future, but they can consider requests for exception for BALB/c mice.
Please enter ALL orders into the NEW 3G system at 
The Order deadline remains Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. each week.
This deadline applies to all orders regardless of holidays.


All MMRRC & RRRC orders must be placed in the DLAM Procurement Portal.
Email Tensie the strain code/nomenclature you are interested in, if it is not listed in the strain list.
ALL Questions and concerns can be directed to Tensie Palmer at

Order Requirements:  NIH Grant # and Title.

Non-NIH Grant funding agency.

Genotype for each species requested.

NOTE: ALL MMRRC & RRRC orders require you file a COU through the UCLA MTA Office for each order. Orders are not available the very next week.  Often take several weeks to arrive, depending on the COU process time and strain availability.

A COU is required for every order.  The UCLA TDG office will need answers to these 4 questions before they approve the COU with MMRRC or RRRC.
1. Were they created at UCLA?
2. Were they created using viral vendors?
3. Does the genetic modification confer expression of any microbial pathogen genomic region?
4. Is the genetic modification hazardous in any way as to potentially require BSL-2 containment or higher (e.g., Does the genetic modification confer expression of a toxin)?

All orders for USDA Species MUST be placed by 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, 2 weeks prior to arrival request date.
Large sizes need 4 weeks advance orders.
LATE ORDERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. This includes Tuesdays after a Monday or before a Wednesday holiday. 
Orders arrive on Mondays and Tuesdays, as housing space permits and as Vendor Availability allows. Include the following information in each order by listing the number and answer.
1. Acute or Chronic study?
2. How long will the species be housed?
3. Procedure dates:
4. Is group housing allowed? how many per run?
5. Will any be BSL2/2+ for any portion of the study?  If so, how many for how long?

Thank you for planning ahead.


1. Every PI must have a new eSirius 3G Log in group.  

2. Please place your orders EARLY... like Thursday, Friday, or Monday before the Tuesday deadline. You will need time to figure out your new workflow.

3. If you are ordering from a small vendor, please give ​alternate instructions in the "Notes to Animal Technicians" box. (i.e. change vendors or will wait for the mice to be available, etc.)

4. Remember - you need to highlight each item before you can edit it. 

5. Save, Save, Submit.  If you do not Submit your order, it will not be processed.

6. Check your DRAFT Orders tab often. Each time you begin an order, a Draft is created. You can either pickup where you left off, or delete it.  Keep this section CLEAN.  

We have a trainig site for you to use.