DLAM Mission, Vision & Core Values


Mission Statement: To support UCLA’s premier research program by promoting the highest standards of animal care, welfare, regulatory compliance, and customer service.
Vision Statement: DLAM will set the standard for animal resource operations around the world by offering
full-service animal healthcare, educational programs and state-of-the-art veterinary consultation.
Core Values:
♦ Respect ♦ Integrity ♦ Courage ♦ Excellence ♦ Learning ♦ Innovation
* We are Open, Pleasant, and Considerate
* We are Caring, Compassionate, and Humane toward People and Animals
* We Maintain a Safe Workplace
* We Promote Participation, Inclusiveness, Cooperation and Teamwork
* We Embrace and Exemplify Diversity
* We Recognize and Reward Efforts
* We Celebrate our Achievements
* We are Honest, Truthful, Trustworthy, and Transparent
* We Believe in and Promote Regulatory Compliance
* We Do What We Say We Will Do
* We are Responsive, Responsible, and Reliable
* We Hold Ourselves Accountable
* We are Willing to Apologize when Warranted
* We Offer Respectful, Assertive and Constructive Criticism
* We are never “... Afraid To Do the Right Thing” (Dr. Gerald Levey)
* We Strive for Quality and Excellence in Service
* We Take Ownership and Pride in Our Work
* We Conduct Ourselves Professionally
* We Relentlessly Seek Knowledge
* We Share Our Knowledge and Experiences with Others
* We Learn from Our Mistakes and Share Lessons Learned
* We Continuously Re-examine the Way We Do Our Work
* We Always Look for Better Ways
Guiding and Prioritizing our Thinking and Decision-Making:
#1 Human and Animal Welfare & Safety
#2 Regulatory Compliance 
#3 Customer Service